Silhouette Stamp Kit 15x15 MINT-KIT-1515

Silhouette America Stamping Silhouette Stamp Kit 15x15 MINT-KIT-1515

Brand: Silhouette America



  • $11.00


The Silhouette Mint™ stamp kit contains all the materials you need to create your own custom stamp.

This offering includes 1 set allowing you to create one custom stamp. The base included can be used with further future stamps of the same size you may wish to create with Stamp Sheet Sets.

Stamp sheets are the customizable sheets that are fed into the Mint machine to create your stamp. Once created, you can mount the customized sheet onto the stamp mount, which has an adhesive surface to hold your stamp in place. Stamp mounts can in turn be placed onto a stamp base (a wooden block) for easier handling. Labels are included so that you can label the stamp mount's cover and the back of the base so you can tell at a glance which stamp is which while they are covered or turned upside-down.

  • Stamp Size: 15mm x 15mm

For use with: